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Adress: Mesto Stropkov
Mestský úrad
Hlavná 38/2
Stropkov 091 01
Slovak republic
Phone no: +421 54 868 800
Fax no: +421 54 868 805

Mayor of Stropkov

JUDr. Ondrej Brendza
Phone no: +421 54 486 8801


Office hours:

Monday 7:30 - 11:30   12:30 - 15:45
Tuesday 7:30 - 11:30   12:30 - 15:45
Wednesday 7:30 - 11:30   12:30 - 15:45
Thursday 7:30 - 11:30   12:30 - 15:45
Friday 7:30 - 11:30   12:30 - 15:45

Basic information:

The town of Stropkov is located in the northern part of Eastern Slovakia, in the valley of the Ondava River, Stropkovská brázde. It is part of the Low Beskids - Ondavska Highlands. It is spread in Zemplínska župa and is closely adjacent to Šariš County. The border of these is the river Chotčianka, which runs over Stropkov and flows into Ondava. It is 202 m. n. m. It is located in the central part of the Low Beskids, in the valley of Ondava River. The city passes through the I / 15, crossing the northern section of II / 575. Svidnik lies 13 km northwest, Bardejov 40 km west, Prešov 50 km southwest and Vranov nad Toplou 47 km south.

Stropkov is located on the left bank of the Ondava River, to which the Chotcianque, which forms the natural border between Zemplín on the left bank and Šariš on the right bank, enters the northern part of the town. The Stropkov pond is situated in the north of the town. In the western part of the town of Boks there are two boksan ponds. The Domaša water reservoir is about 15 km from the town.

The current mayor of the town is JUDr. Ondrej Brendza (independent). The city council has 18 members, who meet regularly at the embassies in the representative hall of the historic manor house.

Geographic and demographic data

Location of Stropkov (City Authority) in the coordinates:
  49°12'01.1"N (north latitude)
  21°39'08.3"E (eastern latitude)
Location of Stropkov (Town square SNP) in the coordinates:
  49°12'09.2" (north latitude)
  21°39'11.3" (eastern latitude)
Altitude 202 m a. s. l.
Area 24,67 km2
Number of inhabitants 10 654 (to 31. 12. 2017)
Height top Baňa 526 m a. s. l.
County Prešovský
River Ondava, Chotčianka
Zip 091 01
Phone prefix +421 54

Technical support:

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